Tiny homes are making a splash in the real estate market for their chic designs and minimalist vibes. They are not only lovely to look at from the outside, but cozy and comfortable on the inside. When it comes to design style for these tiny gems, the possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Whether homeowners are going for a modern-industrial concept or embracing the country landscape, it’s easy to make every room a coordinated yet distinct design style. Because the bathroom is often overlooked in the initial design process, it is usually the last room to be considered (yet the most frequently used!) in the new tiny home. With just a few tips and some creative inspiration for new homeowners, a tiny home bathroom can become the perfect retreat and go through the day in style, and remember, it’s especially important to consider how to pare down your bathroom items if you are living in a tiny home on wheels.

Modern Style

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Style up the bathroom with modern installations and interesting textures. Mix and match elements to create a bold statement of luxury and relaxation.

Combined with Washer and Dryer

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Tiny homes may not necessarily have a dedicated laundry space. In that case, homeowners can combine their washroom and bathroom by adding a washer, dryer, and/or folding table. Getting creative with tiny home appliances and storage gives you more space for design.

Sliding Door

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Homeowners can create a sense of retreat for a spa-inspired luxury bath by adding a simple sliding door from the kitchen or living area. In contrast to a traditional swinging door, a sliding fixture will take up less space as it remains flat against the wall.

Rustic Metal Washtub

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For tiny home adventurers seeking to build a rustic country escape, a full-sized galvanized tub provides the perfect relaxation station. Luxury finishes may include trendy industrial lights, a gorgeous vessel sink, and oversized windows to welcome the natural air and morning sunlight.


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Many homeowners choose to join the tiny house movement for environmental reasons. Tiny homes consume less space, have a reduced carbon footprint, and exemplify a minimalist lifestyle. An option for maximizing energy efficiency is to include a compost toilet. Another option is to incorporate reused materials in the design, such as this wooden salad bowl that was upcycled to become a high-end vanity sink.


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The addition of bright and whimsical wallpaper gives the bathroom a stylish personal touch. Homeowners may choose to coordinate colors and designs with the rest of the home or make a bold statement to distinguish the bathroom as its own sophisticated interior space.

Vibrant Backsplash

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Homeowners who are not interested in repainting the walls may enjoy the benefits of an elegant tile backsplash. Materials are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit any tiny home aesthetic.

Design a Dream Bathroom

A home bathroom should offer a sense of quiet relaxation no matter the time of day. Even in tiny homes, any sized bathroom can be designed to maximize luxury and endless comfort with personal style touches and high-end features to suit your fancy.

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