Popular Opinion: The kitchen is easily the most cluttered spot in the home. One of the second leading contenders? The bedroom.

If you’re readying to move into a tiny home—and maybe even have a few lofty ambitions of minimalism—paring down your bedroom items is something you must do before moving. Odds are, your new home is going to be a complete mood—in terms of design, feeling, and color palette. And we’re willing to bet that whatever design style or colors you pick, those aesthetic sentiments will run through the entire home.

Depending on the square footage and open space of your home, it may be likely that you’ll be able to see the bedroom from another vantage point. Which is to say, it’s a good idea to keep in mind what can and cannot be seen—and how much stuff you need (or even want) to live with.

So—as you are prepping for your new home—start dreaming. What feeling do you want to create? How much accessibility do you want and need?

And take it a step further as the bedroom is a haven for rest and relaxation. How can you create a tranquil spot with carefree vibes (with less stuff, of course), and maximize a small footprint? It might seem like a tall order to fill, but it’s not. Before you start packing up belongings and treasures, it’s time to downsize and declutter.

With this in mind, craft the restorative bedroom for your tiny home dreams. As you land on your ideal picture-perfect space, pare down and set aside what will no longer serve you. The more you plan and live with this intention, it’ll be easier to envision and bring your tiny home ideas to life.

Ready for a bedroom filled with just the essentials?   Get started with our guide below and pare down your bedroom items.

Define the Room’s Purpose

This might seem like a no-brainer: It’s a sleeping area. But given the multi-functional and multi-use purpose of many small-sized homes across the country, your bedroom might have quite a few roles in daily living. For example, this room might also double as an office, a den, a reading nook, a meditation corner, and even a workout space.

Start with Small Surfaces

You may initially feel inclined to head straight to the closet and sort through every piece of clothing. While this sounds like a solid idea, it’s also the quickest way to feel fatigued and overwhelmed by the entire process. Why not start with a smaller surface—like the nightstand, bureaus, and other shelving? Nightstands, in particular, are an easy catch-all for clutter.

Examine the Floors

Don’t go to the closet or bureaus just yet. Instead, look at what’s consuming your floor space. Furniture, decor, plants, and stray items all take up residence here.

Toss Anything that doesn’t have a Place

Do you have things—clothes, books, papers, et cetera—that don’t have a proper storage spot and you hardly, if ever, use them? Away they go. If you end up finding items that you do use and they don’t have a designated place, implement some storage tools or designated areas.

Minimize Books

If you enjoy reading—in the mornings or in bed—you might have a bookcase in your room. Or at the very least, a paperback stack or two. Decide what books you absolutely must keep in your collection and which titles you simply won’t read again (or haven’t even read at all!). And don’t throw these books out; donate them to a free library, school, enrichment program, or community class.

Consider the Closet (and the Bureau)

Pull-out closet underneath stairs.

Cutting down on clothing and accessories might be one of the more time-consuming activities. Rummage through your clothes—shoes too—to really pare down to what you love and wear. At this point, it’s helpful to consider how much closet space you’ll have in your future home, as well as storage options. Will you live in an area with multiple seasons, or just one? Are you aiming to live and dress more minimally and simply? Or a mix of minimalism and maximalism? (Yep, you can totally have both!)

Cull Accents and Decorations

Blankets, wall art, pillows, vases, plants, and even lighting set the mood. But these items are also accessories for the bedroom, and they can be sifted through. Pick the items that bring you the most joy and that you’ll enjoy having on display or using the most often.

Downsize Furnishings

How cozy will your new bedroom be? Will it just be for sleeping and lounging? If it’s ultra-minimal, you might only have room for a bed, a simple end table, and a lamp or two. Over-sized furnishings should be the first things to go, as they won’t fit into the new sleeping space regardless of the home’s size.

About the Author, Stephanie Valente

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