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Bathroom vanity with a backsplash.

Getting ready to move into a tiny home? There’s a room in your current abode that houses more items—and perhaps even clutter—than you may think. Hint: It’s got half-used bottles of shampoos, extra bobby pins, towels, and more.

And that overfilled space is the bathroom. This room becomes a storage zone, as stocking up on bath essentials and cleaning supplies in bulk can happen so easily. This brings us to the next point: It’s time to downsize.

So how, exactly, do you get started? With some key tips and tricks, you’ll be able to sort through what’s a must-keep and what’s a must-toss. Sprinkle in some thoughtful organization tools and small home-friendly additions, and keeping a minimalist powder room is a snap.

Keep scrolling for our detailed guide on paring down your bathroom items.

1. Toss Anything (and everything) That’s Expired

Organized bathroom drawer underneath the sink.

If you’re holding onto toiletries and medications that are long past their expiration date, it’s time to let them go. Besides being worse for wear, the product formulas are likely to break down and no longer work or cause irritation.

2. Add Anything that’s been Unused for six Months (to the toss pile)

Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body lotion—if it’s been untouched for months, and you find yourself reaching for other, similar products, away they go. Less frequent items like hairspray and bath salts have a longer shelf life.

3. Consider Travel-sized Toiletries and Appliances

Bathroom vanity with a stacked washer and dryer.

While tiny body wash and shampoo may not be optimal for everyday use, are there bath time essentials that you use but not on the regular? Mini bath bombs, lotions, hair styling tools (like mousse or spray), and conditioner can all be downsized. And this works for body and hair care appliances too—and you might check out smaller versions of a hair dryer, straighter, or even curling wand.

4. Look for Multi-use Products

Combination products, like 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, takes bottles off your shelf and frees up space.

5. Declutter one Area at a Time

If you have a linen closet, medicine cabinet, shelving, and under-the-sink storage, there’s quite a lot going on in just the bathroom. Set aside 30 minutes a day, or a couple of hours a week to parse through your belongings, one spot at a time. You’ll arrive at the paring down session fresh, without feeling overwhelmed.

6. Decide what is *Actually* Important

First things first, you need a baseline of what you absolutely need. Prioritize what you use on a daily and go from there. Body care is a total must-have. Do you really need a scale? Three full sets of towels? Five boxes of dental floss? If some items seem nice to have but go largely unused, they’re time and energy bandits.

7. Review Your Linens, Towels, and Other Textiles

Over-the-door storage for towels.

Odds are, you may not have a linen closet in your tiny home. We’re willing to bet that you’ll end up storing plush fabrics all together, like batching sheets, an extra pillow or two, alongside towel sets. With this in mind, as it’ll be tucked away together, note how many bath towels you’ll actually use and be able to store.

Plus, anything that has seen its better days can be responsibly recycled or donated. If you have a surplus of old towels and clothes that aren’t wearable, consider donating them to an animal shelter.

8. Assess Cleaning Products

This is where multi-use products really shine. Tackling mildew and glass in one spritz is a cleaning game-changer. And one bottle that can be used on multiple surfaces is a tiny home win-win. Pitch any bottles that are mostly empty, hardly used, or even if you dislike the smell.

9. Add Thoughtful Storage (and keep clutter at bay)

Depending on the layout and size of your new powder room, you might have a surprising amount of storage. But avoid letting this minimalist space get jam-packed with products and items all over again. Add a few key storage solutions: Think, a rattan bin or two, vertical shelves, a hook on the door for your terry bathrobe, or a leaning towel rack. Keep items in view with easy access.

10. Don’t Avoid Art and Decoration

But keep aesthetics to a simple and light touch. A plant, a piece of art, or something textured like a plush bathroom rug or a macrame wall hanging adds a pop of flair. Even better, your walls (and floors) will still be free and clear.

About the Author, Stephanie Valente

Stephanie Valente is a Content Director and Editor in Brooklyn, NY. She's previously held writing and social media positions at Barkbox, Men's Journal, and currently works at a full-service advertising agency. She's a self-confessed home and design enthusiast. Stephanie is an award-winning poet and fiction writer. When she's offline, you can find her taking a yoga class, running, hanging out with her rescue dog Pepper. Find her on stephanievalente.com.

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