When you think of minimalism, your mind may not immediately go to your bathroom. But minimalist bathrooms are gaining traction as people realize that a bathroom is just as important as any other room in the house. Minimizing your clutter and embracing the empty space can create a more relaxing environment and might just make your morning routine quicker and more efficient, not to mention making it easier to pare down bathroom items on the go.

Clearing the Space

Like all minimal spaces, the first step in styling your new bathroom should be clearing the clutter. You should notice an instant improvement since you probably aren’t storing many unnecessary items in the room. Clutter in a bathroom is most likely half-empty lotion bottles, abandoned skincare routines, and far more towels than you need.

Start by clearing out your counters and cabinets. Throw away any products you no longer use or haven’t used in a while. If you don’t want to waste products, wait until you have completely used everything in your inventory before buying anything new. This will help you gradually get rid of things and give you a better idea of which ones you like and would use again.

Next, toss out any old, mismatched towels. One key component to minimalism is a sleek, continuous design. And anything that doesn’t match could clash with the design and make your room look more crowded than it is. This might mean tossing your old towels and buying a matching set that fits your new style.

Storage and Organization

Typically, a minimalist bathroom will rely on its functional items, like towels and soaps, for its decor. One way you can capitalize on this trend is to buy matching reusable bottles for all your soaps. This way, you can arrange them neatly on a vanity or shelf, while still maintaining the uniform look of the room. For the items that can’t be rebottled, there are several ways you can store them without taking up too much space. A mirror medicine cabinet combo is a simple storage solution. A wall cabinet, especially one that is recessed, keeps your items out of sight and helps you stay organized.

Setting the Scene

Once you have downsized your belongings, you can move on to finding that specific tone you want for your bathroom.

Zero in on your desired color scheme. You can go with the basics like all white and chrome, mix it up with brass fixtures, or give yourself the horticulture room of your dreams by adding flowers and plants. If you love a pop of color, you should look towards your decor to add personal touches.

The bathroom is also a great place to experiment with different tile textures and colors, so long as everything matches. You can even go bold and add wood features (like the vanity and flooring) to make your bathroom feel warm and relaxing.

About the Author, Jessi Gonzalez

Jessi Gonzalez writes on the topics of home-buying, home decor, and home-ownership for New Home Source. She has a degree from Coastal Bend College and is currently enrolled in the English degree program at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

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