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When moving into a new tiny home, the smaller space can feel intimidating at first. Rest assured, homeowners who initially feel worried about fitting the essentials into their space often find it’s the perfect size for all of their necessities. The process just takes some patience and creativity.

Bathrooms often pose an initial challenge for storage. It can seem impossible to fit plush towels, toilet paper, soaps, lotions, makeup, and everyday essentials into an already tight space. For homeowners seeking inspiration on how to neatly set up their bathroom to be a comfortable space for starting and ending the day, here are a few ideas to get started.

Built-In Linen Closet

Built-in bathroom shelves.
Photo credit: Pinterest

Most often, tiny bathrooms do not have the square footage for a stand-alone wardrobe or linen closet. Homeowners might consider having shelves built into the wall for a fashionable design and quick access to towels after showering.

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves in a bathtub.
Photo credit: Tiny House Talk

Large tubs and showers that fill the sidewall can be accented with tiny floating shelves or hanging baskets. These are perfect for holding shower essentials and luxury bath items.

Mounted Baskets

Mounted metal baskets holding hair appliances.
Photo credit: Pinterest

Even in a spacious bathroom, electrical cords of hairstyling appliances such as dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can quickly become a tangled mess. In a tiny house bathroom, you may want to add one or more wall-mounted baskets. You can put an end to getting cords wrapped around other utensils in baskets under the sink when they have their own designated spot.

Over The Door

Over-the-door storage for towels.
Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Built-in shelves above door frames make the perfect place for towels and children’s bath toys. Overhead shelves are ingenious ways to keep things stored out of sight and avoid a trip hazard or overfilling the floor space.

Small Storage Drawers

Photo credit: Tidbits

Makeup, hair clips, and nail clippers can be easily sorted into tiny storage drawers that may be accommodated by a small medicine cabinet or under the sink storage. By placing your tiny supplies in mini compartments, each item will have its own place. You will eliminate clutter, free up space, and eliminate the risk of losing them when they become mixed with other items.

Custom Wall Shelves

Photo credit: HGTV

Storage can be a huge dilemma, especially in bathrooms without built-ins or under-the-sink cabinets. In these cases, homeowners might consider building custom shelving to fit the size of their wall and frame the sink and/or toilet area.

Medicine Cabinet

Well-organized medicine cabinet.
Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Homeowners with small spaces may benefit from taking the time to thoughtfully organize a medicine cabinet to hold everyday essentials. A clever use of this space is to group similar items and sort them into appropriately-sized canisters. Makeup brushes, hair tools, first aid items, and cotton balls can be sorted into glass jars or stacked on mini shelves. This allows a full view and easy access when you need it.

Tall Medicine Cabinet

Tall wall-mounted medicine cabinet.
Photo credit: HGTV

Tall bottles of hairspray, styling products, shaving creams, and other miscellaneous items may not fit in a typical over-the-sink medicine cabinet. Repurposing a taller cabinet to fit the height of the wall is an excellent way to store some of your overside bathroom products. It can also add style with a pop of color or texture to complement the room.

Ladder Shelf

Bathroom ladder shelf.
Photo credit: HGTV

A shelf placed over the toilet is another great way to store cute glass jars and dresser essentials. Coupled with a ladder for hanging sophisticated hand towels and finished with a glossy wood stain make this chic concept fashionable and functional.

Stowaway Tub

Photo credit: Oh Me Oh My

A stowaway tub provides a perfect hiding space for storing extra shampoo bottles, children’s bath toys, or even cleaning supplies. The sides are designed to flip outwards, providing hidden compartments while maintaining the look and function of a luxury bath.

Wire Basket Tower

Thin wire basket storage.
Photo credit: IKEA

Wire drawers are excellent for storing paper goods, styling tools, and washcloths in tiny bathrooms. Standing towers are available in multiple sizes to fit in between small open spaces.


Photo credit: Wanelo

Baskets are ultimately an extremely versatile option for bathroom storage. They can be set under the sink, on a shelf, or hung on a rod to display your best towels or bath goods.

Jar Wall Caddy

Photo credit: Rustico

Glass jars are an elegant and sophisticated way to organize a homeowner’s various bathroom tools and frequently-used items. These containers are great containers for toothbrushes, razors, and nail clippers.

Fill The Space

Unpacking in any new home is a big task, especially when downsizing and organizing frequently used spaces such as the bathroom. However, it can also be a fun project and add excitement to the move-in process. Find ways to set up the space for functional comfort while adding personality and charm, and your tiny house will feel like home in no time.

About the Author, Melanie Theriault

Melanie Theriault is a writer, counselor, and lifelong learner. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Southwestern University, where she discovered her passion for fostering human connection through storytelling.

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