Among the newest home design trends, shipping containers have made a giant splash in the market of tiny home living. These boxes are perfectly sized for individuals and couples who seek a minimalist lifestyle. The combination of two or more shipping containers is also a great idea for small families or residents looking to maximize their small space.

Shipping containers can be placed almost anywhere that your heart desires. They require fewer materials and assembly time, making them a perfect solution for virtually any lot. Homeowners looking to downsize their space and create a cozy tiny home from a box should look no further than the intimate and ingenious concept of repurposed shipping containers.

Whether you’re looking at ready-made options or custom designs, the possibilities for creativity are endless. Here are a few concepts that have proven both fashionable and functional to inspire new designs for any dream home.

Contemporary Outdoorsman

Photo credit: Contemporist

Bold exteriors pair perfectly with spruce plywood and monochrome interiors in this bright and sunny tiny home. Fashionable builtins are easy to install and maximize the overall storage space and efficiency.

Stacked Sizes

Photo credit: Living in a Container

Homeowners can change up the basic format to create stacked levels of differently-sized container boxes. This 20-foot shipping container is nicely laid on top of a 40-foot container, adding interior space and classic elegance. A metal spiral staircase that leads to the upper level adds an industrial-modern touch.

Stacked Patterns

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Additional levels mean extra space but stacking them in a different formation can create a lovely, covered patio area for seating or outdoor dining. Create an ultimate sunroom for relaxation or gardening by converting the walls of the suspended container to clear glass panes.

Botanical Paradise

Photo credit: Shipping Container World

Homeowners with a green thumb may extend their outdoor space by decorating an airy breezeway or patio trellis. Plants around the tiny home add to the natural aesthetic and scenic escape.

Sliding Door Deck

Photo credit: In Outside
Photo credit: In Outside

Completely transform a bright and vibrant outdoor area with a glass sliding door. Natural light flows in and out of the space, amplifying the best of indoor-outdoor living. Convert the space into an outdoor kitchen with excellent storage, or entertain guests in lovely outdoor weather.

Slanted Roof

Photo credit: Airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Homeowners may add a slanted roof to a shipping container home. The layered aspect adds intrigue and industrial modern style to create a chic and elegant exterior.

Double Up

Photo credit: Homes to Love

Homeowners maximize their space by connecting two shipping container homes with a breezeway in between the structures. This one-story home design concept offers ample space on a single floor layout, which may be especially helpful for residents who are don’t want to climb stairs.

Bright Colors

Photo credit: Seattle Mag

Shipping containers come in a variety of colors, often a simple black, white, or navy, and can complement an industrial or modern aesthetic. However, bright colors accentuate the structure and create a lively exterior, such as this coastal beauty.

Container Pool

Photo credit: Build with Rise

Homeowners can stay cool in the hot summer months by sunning outside a shipping container pool. This add-on is perfect for an established tiny home and may be connected by an overhead breezeway or green trellis.

Boho Box

Photo credit: Living in a Container

Coordinated color schemes and basic architecture blend perfectly to create a gorgeous boho aesthetic in a unique shipping container home design. A chic concept and trendy features are essential to this jaw-dropping layout.

Vertical Tetris

Photo credit: Shipping Container World

If it’s possible to stack two container homes, then three makes an even more intriguing compilation. This contemporary design is anything but ordinary, and it increases the tiny homes’ interior space three-fold. Don’t forget the extra space on the very top; you can transform it into a beautiful sundeck or rooftop terrace.

Style Up a New Box Home

Setting up a new shipping container home is simple and can be a fun adventure! Homeowners should first consider the size and number of boxes they need, then configure the layout to maximize their floor plan for ultimate comfort and desired luxury. These tested designs are just a taste to get you started!

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