As more homeowners make the switch from traditional to tiny living, these adorable little homes have become a major trend among all age groups. Building a custom tiny home is a great way to live better with less and enjoy a deeper connection with the things that you truly value. By limiting your space and belongings, you gain the opportunity to focus on building a perfectly sized home with all the features that your heart desires.

If you’re still searching for inspiration to guide your tiny home design plans, TikTok is a vault loaded with unique options that other homeowners have incorporated into their spaces. From clever storage tricks to stylish features that will impress any guest, creators all over the world showcase their tiny home lifestyle inspo through short reels.

To get you started on your search, here are 15 of the top trending tiny home features to spruce up your new space.

Garage-Style Doors

Screenshot of a TikTok from @thousandtrails that shows a white garage door with glass panels rising. Text on the video reads "garage style doors" with sparkle emojis at either end.

Who needs floor-to-ceiling windows when you can have an entire wall of windows that allow light to stream in from dawn to dusk? This garage-style door featured by creator @thousandtrails can be easily opened to seamlessly blend the inside room with the large outdoor deck.

This concept is perfect for homeowners who enjoy sharing meals on the deck or who simply want to feel like they are outside even while sitting comfortably on their indoor couch. Bonus points if the tiny home happens to be on a beach and faces a gorgeous evening sunset.

Under-the-Stairs Storage

Screenshot of @nickhughesmedia's TikTok video that shows a hand reaching for a cabinet door under stairs.

A critical question when considering going tiny is how much closet space you will need. Luckily, there are creative solutions to maximize less-commonly-known storage areas. Creator @nickhughesmedia utilizes under-the-stairs storage closets and cabinets to hang clothes and store media.

Foldable Desk or Craft Station

Screenshot of @victoriapenrosemakeup's TikTok video showing a wall-mounted craft shelf that folds down into a table. A hand is reaching for a magazine on the table.

Full desks and tables tend to take up a lot of space in common areas. Homeowners might consider making a multipurpose table for dining, working, and crafting. Even better, the table may be built as part of the home to collapse into the wall and hang flat when not in use. Creator @victoriapenrosemakeup features a lovely foldable craft station that demonstrates this exact concept.

Expanding Walls

Screenshot of @minnieandtink's TikTok video showing a person standing in a tiny home with their arms extended toward either wall. "Things in our new tiny home that just make sense" is written on the video in green and blue fonts.

A clever way to double your space in a tiny home by design is through the incorporation of expanding walls. Creator @minnieandtink models a home that utilizes this concept to give the home more space, a fantastic feature especially when entertaining guests.

Tall Ceilings

An easy way to make a small space feel much bigger is to open it up with tall ceilings. Creator offers a glimpse into the final product of a gorgeously constructed tiny home with a relaxing and soothing aesthetic. Tiny homes run the risk of feeling too small or cramped at times, so taller ceilings can balance out the small square footage layout.

Diamond-Style Roof with Loft

Screenshot of @sara_underwood's TikTok video showing a diamond-shaped tiny home with glass panels in the roof. The tiny home is located in a forest and covered in moss.

Some tiny homes embrace a theme or concept that is unique and personalized to the homeowner. Creator @sara_underwood captures a dreamy cabin vibe with a fitting diamond-style roof with a loft bed. The diamond-style roof is a super interesting design, while the loft bedroom is very practical in a tiny space.

Pull-Out Trash Can

Screenshot from @Slow Car Fast Home's TikTok video that shows a pullout trash can under a kitchen counter. A gold dog with a blue bandana sits on a bench on the left side of the image.

Save space and time spent washing excessive dishes by constructing a cabinet with a pull-out cutting board positioned directly above the pull-out trash can. Creator @slowcarfasthome demonstrates how this clever setup can save time and resources, which benefits the Earth and rewards being eco-friendly.

Hidden Pet Stations

Screenshot of @Kids Imagine Nation's TikTok video showing a person pulling out a pet food and water bowl tray from underneath the bottom step of stairs.

Another way to capitalize on storage opportunities in the staircase is to tuck in a hidden pet station. Creator @kidsimaginenation displays rolling pet food and water bowls that also slide out of the walkway when not in use. Additionally, the stairs are made to be compartments for extra storage.

Lofted Bedroom with Built-in Ladder

Screenshot from @Hayden & Raz's TikTok video showing a modern tiny home with an industrial ladder mounted into the wall that leads to a bedroom loft.

A lofted bedroom is an excellent way to maintain a separation between different areas of the home, but some homeowners find it challenging to place a full set of stairs or a leaning ladder. Creator @tinyhousechronicles set up an industrial ladder that fits the design theme with bolted rungs.

Hidden Steps

A stairway from the ground floor to the loft can take up quite a bit of space. Creator @nickhughesmedia reveals hidden steps that roll away and tuck under one another when not in use. This allows your stairs to easily collapse into the wall for better storage and safety.

Extra Large Outdoor Deck

Screenshot of @Nick Saremi's TikTok video showing a large wooden deck with lots of oak trees and a pool in the background.

One way to give your tiny home extra space without drastically increasing the interior square footage is to build an extra large outdoor deck. If your home is positioned in mostly desirable weather conditions, you might be able to eat outside as a family without having to squeeze around a table inside. Creator @nicksaremi offers a look into what a tiny home with a large deck could look like and how it may be best enjoyed.


Screenshot of @Tiny House Giant Journey's TikTok video showing the roof of a tiny house from above. A person sits next to an open skylight.

Especially for tiny homes on wheels and those existing in natural areas for a quiet lifestyle, a skylight is perfect for gazing up at the stars, while peacefully resting inside your home. Creator @tinyhousegiantjourney showcases a lovely skylight that doubles as an emergency exit.

Convertible Daybed to King-Size

Screenshot from @xomyhome's TikTok video showing a daybed with a trundle beneath that converts the bed into a king-size.

For homeowners who may need a guest bed, the ability to adapt certain furniture pieces to the space constraints is critical. Creator @xomyhome features a convertible daybed that easily transforms into a king-size bed. Whether lounging with a book during the day or resting at night, this built-in design may be modified to fit your exact needs.

Stylish Home on Wheels

Screenshot of @Van Life Builds' video showing a cargo van door sliding open to reveal a tiny home inside.

Ready to hit the open road? Build your new construction tiny home on wheels and take her on the journey with you! Creator @vanlifebuilds, in addition to many others on TikTok, provides basic tips on preparing to take your home on the road and live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Tiny Pool

Screenshot of @Reese's video showing a grey deck with a small pool.

Finally, if you live in a hot or humid climate, the ability to cool off is an important factor. Tiny pools have gained popularity in the last two years and are on the rise. Even if your tiny home comes with a teeny-tiny yard, there’s still an opportunity to install the tiny pool of your dreams like @seedlingsgardening.

Choose Tiny and Live Big

These are just some of the many big ideas for tiny home living on TikTok. Use these as a jumping-off point for discovering the limitless options to personalize your new dream tiny home to fit your own style.

About the Author, Melanie Theriault

Melanie Theriault is a writer, counselor, and lifelong learner. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Southwestern University, where she discovered her passion for fostering human connection through storytelling.

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