Tiny homes offer incredible opportunities for homeowners who thrive in a minimalist lifestyle. Smaller spaces mean less upkeep and more enjoyment for the whole family. No matter where you choose to set down roots, a tiny home is equally perfect when nestled in any bright and beautiful landscape.

Homeowners who do not have the time or energy to devote to building a tiny home from scratch have several practical options available; they can purchase a ready-made or prefabricated tiny house. With just a few renovations, a shed or shipping container can be repurposed into a lovely and unique tiny home.

These design ideas offer just a few ideas for constructing a new tiny home from ready-to-purchase materials. Some even offer the ability to transport their residents across the countryside for a mobile living experience. Whatever your dream is, a tiny home can take you there.

Mountain View Cabin

Photo credit: Wheelhaus
Photo credit: Wheelhaus

A modern cabin features the minimalist aesthetic of a tiny home situated amid a gorgeous landscape. Homeowners may purchase this ready-made home and anchor it in their favorite spot, overlooking the picturesque mountains and overseeing the natural wildlife.

Airstream Dream

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Yellowbess

The Airstream is making a huge comeback in mobile living spaces. These adorable units are easy to set up and transport across the state or country, perfect for the tiny home traveler. Their chic interior is fun to renovate and design to fit any aesthetic.

Backcountry Hut

Photo credit: The Backcountry Hut Company
Photo credit: The Backcountry Hut Company

Inspired by rustic wilderness, a backcountry hut is perfect for exploring the great outdoors. A flexible floor plan with modular elements offers a lofted sleeping area and ease of movement between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Shed Conversion

Photo credit: The Tiny Life
Photo credit: The Tiny Life

A tiny home is essentially a miniature form of a full-size house, so naturally, a shed makes the perfect ready-made structure to fit any style. Pre-made sheds are easy to find; you can even purchase them at most large retail hardware stores, including Home Depot. With a few small renovations and a healthy dose of TLC, a shed can be primed to fit any homeowner’s lifestyle and tiny home needs.


Photo credit: Freedom Yurt Cabins
Photo credit: Freedom Yurt Cabins

Yurts are an exceptional home style to fit the homeowner’s unique personal interests. Their simplified setup process makes them ideal for an array of uses, but especially for tiny homes. A circular design maximizes the interior spaces and creates a contemporary vibe that any homeowner can enjoy.

Tiny RV

As another option for adventure-seekers, tiny RVs are ideal for homeowners with wanderlust. An RV offers a small space for optimal living and an on-the-go lifestyle. As a bonus, they also come with the marvelous benefit of waking up in a new city each day while still experiencing the comforts of home.

Tiny Home Living

Homeowners looking for a tiny home that displays their unique interests and aesthetics can personalize a ready-made shed or prefab tiny house to fit their unique style and needs. With just a few alterations to the interior, homeowners can maximize their comfortable living space and find their dream home in miniature form.

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