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Since your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, it should be a calming and stress-free environment where you can relax and recharge. To achieve this personal oasis, many people are turning to minimalism to help them create that clutter-free space. It may be hard to imagine cutting out so much of your personal sanctuary, but minimalism is not about getting rid of everything; it’s about keeping only what is important.

“When it comes to minimalism in general, it’s more of a mindset or a lifestyle. The main purpose is to rid your spaces and life of unnecessary stuff,” says Caroline Biggs of Apartment Therapy.

A minimalist bedroom is a great way to get into that mindset because it is where you start and end your days. Once you minimize your sleeping space, you will slowly expand into other parts of your house and your life, as well.

Make your Bedroom a Relaxation Haven

The first step to any minimalism project is to clean out the room. For a bedroom, this can mean cleaning out closets and dresser drawers. Discarding the clothes you don’t wear will minimize the storage space needed. Typically, you want to limit yourself to one set of drawers, especially if you have a smaller bedroom. This will give you the storage you need, but also free up your floor space.

The next place to look is at any art pieces or knick-knacks you have. Your bedroom walls seem like the perfect place to display your favorite pictures or art pieces, but to achieve the minimalist feel of your room, you should limit what you put on your walls and shelves. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking everything down, but it does mean being very specific with which items are awarded space. One or two art pieces, a small picture collage, or a single shelf of home décor pieces are all you need to liven up your space.

Decoration and Personalization

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The most important thing to remember about a minimalist bedroom is that it is still a bedroom – it should feel cozy and comfortable, even with all the space. There are many ways you can maintain a minimalist aesthetic while ensuring it still feels like a bedroom.

One way to accomplish this is by choosing bedroom furniture that doesn’t occupy too much space. Many minimalists skip the head and footboards and stick with a simple platform bed frame or just a box spring. You should also make sure that any other furniture in the room matches your bed frame to keep the uniform look.

Once you have selected your bed, you can focus on the color palette. For minimalism, it is common to choose neutral colors, but you should pick the color that is the most relaxing. They can be cool tones, neutrals with a pop of color in the décor, or even an accent wall to tie everything together.

Another thing that will make your space feel open and spacious is natural lighting. In your bedroom, you might want to keep as much sunlight out as possible to create a somber atmosphere but natural light will make it feel wide open and clutter-free. If you are worried about privacy and don’t want to toss out curtains altogether, you can opt for sheer panels to give the same effect, or hang them over thicker drapes for different times of the day.

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