A tiny home means it’s easier to decorate, right? Not exactly.

Choosing a home of any size can be hard — and landing on the right tiny abode can seem like a herculean task. Throw personal style into the mix, and it can be overwhelming. The truth is a home — of any square footage — can add in luxurious touches. Just because a home is compact doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style or design (it’ll take a cozy space to the next level).

Ready to add some lavish touches to your small space? Below, check out six luxurious additions for any tiny home.

Make a Statement with Marble Countertops

White, grey, and black marble sample slabs.

Less square footage translates into less counter space. But that’s an even better reason to invest in marble countertops — because you’ll pay a fraction of the price for a traditionally expensive material. Marble does run on the pricier side, but it’ll be more affordable. Just think: You can add marble counters to kitchen and bath areas for the ultimate luxe touch.

Add a Splash of Neutral Colors

Want to make your home design timeless? Opt for neutral colors — they’re classic and create a calming atmosphere. Decor may go in and out of style, but neutral hues are timeless (and make any room look refined in a snap). Crisp, lighter shades will maximize the feel of the space and tend to give the impression that a room is larger than it is. What’s not to love about that?

If you’re not sure where to start with neutrals, we suggest beginning with walls and furnishings. Add in pops of color with art, accessories, and texture (more on that in a minute).

Go Bold with Lighting Fixtures

Exposed lightbulbs handing from wires.

Lighting is just as essential for safety as it is for ambiance. Take aesthetics to the next level with a bold lighting fixture that will illuminate and open a small area, plus showcase your personal flair, all while utilizing overhead space. After all, space is limited in tiny abodes — so don’t be afraid to go upwards (when windows or art have staked out claims on your walls!).

Coordinate with Copper Accessories

Countertop with copper accents.

Decor isn’t limited to wall art or lighting. Copper — a bright and vivid metal — is having more than a crowning moment in the sun. Whether it’s copper hardware, finishes, or even art, this orange-red metal is bold and striking. This warm color can add depth and tone to a room while creating a sense of shiny earthiness.

Pile on Plush Textures

Cozy bedroom with twinkle lights and a thick knitted blanket.

Nothing says cozy and luxury like plush texture. It’s easy to incorporate warmth and feel-good swatches in one simple item — or two. Think thick blankets, tufted pillows, shaggy rugs, and other stylish accessories. And plush isn’t just reserved for the couch or sitting areas — think bigger like the bed and other sleeping nooks. How to make texture more luxe and lavish? Don’t be afraid of layers with multiple throws, accent pillows, and even wall art that’s crafted from fabric.

Scale up to a Smart Home

Tony home with solar panel roofing.

Compact spaces can still be mighty, and even tech-infused. In fact, gadgets with smart capabilities make the home more harmonious. Think of these tech additions as a helpful nexus — whether it’s a Bluetooth system that manages your tunes and relaxing sounds, or smart lighting for safety and fun colored flair that transforms your home into a social-friendly yet relaxing space. Simple tech pieces like a Google Home or Alexa mix in personal assistant features and can help run additional smart devices (think, tablets and phones). And don’t forget, solar panels and energy-efficient tools can also be smart — and keep your home safer, and sustainable.

With these touches in mind, do you think tiny homes are missing out on standard luxuries? Think again. With these tips and tricks (and your own style), you’ll be well on your way to carving out lavish and luxe touches.

About the Author, Stephanie Valente

Stephanie Valente is a Content Director and Editor in Brooklyn, NY. She's previously held writing and social media positions at Barkbox, Men's Journal, and currently works at a full-service advertising agency. She's a self-confessed home and design enthusiast. Stephanie is an award-winning poet and fiction writer. When she's offline, you can find her taking a yoga class, running, hanging out with her rescue dog Pepper. Find her on stephanievalente.com.

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