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Is sustainability important to you? Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, or just starting to get your feet wet with eco-friendly additions, there are simple steps you can take to enact in your tiny home and to prepare for tiny home living.

As a society, people are becoming more aware of environmental impact—and how small steps can lead to bigger, healthier choices. Maybe it’s recycling more, using less plastic, or investing in renewable sources—there are so many options to explore with a tiny home. (And yes, even implementing reusable coffee mugs and metal straws has an effect!)

The even better news? There are plenty of ways to make a tiny home eco-friendly. If you’re a tiny homeowner (or soon-to-be), there are simple and easy ways to get started on the green path.

Scroll on and check out these six sustainable tiny house features listed below.

Build (and Renovate) with Reusable Materials

The first step to a greener home? Tap reusable materials when building your new house—and that goes for renovations too. And, how exactly do you source these materials? Start by sourcing an environmentally conscious builder, and from there you’ll be connected with suppliers that engage in low carbon footprint tactics and utilize more sustainable materials.

You might even see this step as a challenge: Can your entire home be sourced with recyclable materials?

Power up with Renewable Energy

Just like recyclable materials, renewable energy is another major player in environmentally conscious abodes. With smaller square footage, the home has a smaller carbon footprint. And that points to less energy generated.

So why not take it a step further? Opt for renewable energy. Besides solar panels, you might want to explore additional options like wind turbines and local water sources, depending on your location.

Work with the Environment (Not Against it)

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Instead of reworking a landscape to fit your home, perhaps you could fit your home into the environment around it. So—that means, keeping lush greens and trees in their place, without leveling them.

How else can that shape your space? You can work with the natural flora and fauna near your home and use it to design and landscape outdoor areas; it might even influence the materials you use to build your home. Pro tip: Add a garden—vegetables, fruit, and even greens—and you’ll further harmonize your living with nature.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Lush plants and super-gorgeous greens aren’t just for the great outdoors. How else can you commune with nature and elevate your home decor? Bring the outdoors inside. Plants can purify and filter the air, boost mood and atmosphere, and elevate personal style. It’s healthy, eco-conscious, and aesthetically pleasing. What’s not to love?

Go Off-Grid

This next option might not be every homeowner’s cup of tea: Going off the grid. Yep, that means operating a self-sustaining living space. Going off-grid means living with purpose and living with less. From generating renewable energy, water supply, and growing your own food, it’s homesteading at its finest. This direct way can be a huge undertaking, but it can also be personally rewarding.

Be Mindful and Intentional

Above all else, approach each step in your tiny home with intention. This means taking time to check in with yourself and adjusting your lifestyle. Whether it’s small changes to your routine or a tectonic shift, finding the root of your intention is essential. From there, you’ll be able to cultivate a life that weaves in sustainability with mindfulness, and ultimately what works for you.

About the Author, Stephanie Valente

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