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Many homeowners are looking to modernize their living space. One place to start is the heart of your home. Minimizing your kitchen can get you organized and show you how to make the most out of your available space. If you aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling on the journey to a modern home, here are some tips on where to begin.

Declutter your Space

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The key to creating a minimalist kitchen is to declutter. The kitchen is often the center of everyday traffic in your home so this may be a difficult process, but cutting down on your belongings is the first step to minimalism.

To begin, take note of the dishes and silverware you use regularly. After about six months, take inventory of things you haven’t used in a while. Remove those, leaving only the things necessary for everyday living. You can save some extras if you regularly host dinner parties or events.

Next, check out your small appliances. Things you use daily like a coffeemaker and microwave can stay in their designated space, but everything else should have a place to stay put away each use. If you discover you have a stockpile of single-use items that are rarely used – like a cherry pitter, egg maker, or panini press –  consider disposing of those and finding an alternative you already own.

The most important thing to remember about decluttering is to only store kitchen items in your kitchen. Anything that is used in another room should be stored in that room to keep it organized and avoid clutter.    


minimalist kitchen

Once you have decluttered and organized, it is time to get creative with your new space. It is common for kitchens to have a monochromatic color scheme to radiate a clean-cut vibe. Some popular color palettes include all white, all black, black and white, neutral earth tones, or any combination with a pop of color. This color scheme should apply to all your decorations and furniture to keep the sleek design.

Since minimalism is all about space, your kitchen furniture is very important. Adding a smaller space adjacent to your kitchen, like a moveable island, is a great way to not only add more storage but expand your space any way you want. Shelves are a perfect way to add space and storage while keeping the area open and free. 

Keeping it Clean

minimalist kitchen

The most important detail in a minimalist kitchen is the upkeep. Minimalism is based on a clean design, organization, and order. Some things to remember when updating your kitchen are to keep your pantry and refrigerator organized, keep your counters clean, and keep everything in its place.

The kitchen counter can quickly become a reservoir for miscellaneous items to pile up. To help remove chaos, you may want to designate a single space, like a landing strip for keys and bags, as a temporary holding place that gets cleaned every night takes. It also helps to find a permanent place for these items to land other than your countertops.

Now that the outside of your kitchen is organized, the inside should neatly be arranged, too. Cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator will ensure you keep only fresh items – and will help you keep track of what items need restocking. Keeping your supplies to a minimum allows you to get creative with your cooking and reduce your grocery spending.      

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Jessi Gonzalez writes on the topics of home-buying, home decor, and home-ownership for New Home Source. She has a degree from Coastal Bend College and is currently enrolled in the English degree program at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

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